Star Light - Star Bright - Let's Stay Outside Tonight

stargazing at mountk

Mount K Resort is an amazing place for Astronomical Observations and activities mainly because of it has a dark sky with free of light pollution which is a mandatory requirement for best astronomical observations. And the next important characteristic is ability to observe wide view of the sky with high elevation. Our resort has facility to provide accommodation for 60 people at our camping style cosy and comfortable cottages.  

For your astronomical needs, our resort is glad to provide you with basic and high tech telescopes. We have properly designed courses from Basic to Expert in Astronomy. Mount K has high view points with safe structures to observe the sky and additionally we provide BBQ facilities free, if you are residential. 

During the Star Observation session, you will get a chance to get close to the nature and taste our Traditional Sri Lankan food menus. 

What would you learn at Mount K ?

  • Basic principles on solar system, starts, galaxies and universe
  • How to read the night sky using maps and software
  • Proper handling of telescopes
  • Sun observation and mapping
  • Observation of planets, nebulas, galaxies and other deep sky elements with telescopes
  •  How to make sky observation reports
  • Basics in rocketry 
  • Alien life in the universe and UFOs
  • Camping fundamentals