This is your destination

Ours is a story driven by an enduring passion for hospitality and nature. Nestled comfortably in a private rainforest habitat, reinforcing the impression of being ‘enthralled by nature’ – in the mood of the mountains. 

resort life

A Snapshot of the Resort

Sitting in the thick rainforest at an isolated area surrounded by mountains on a 66 acres wide land. Explore the green filled forest while walking through the nature trails. Witness breathtaking sunset while enjoying your tea plucked from our own tea plantation, relax and rest at our natural cave

You will find us followed by a three and half hours drive from busy Colombo and our team will always be ready to take you to your comfortable nest located within the rainforest premises. The nature’s touch of the Mount K greets guests at every turn, seamlessly combining a charming overnight and traditional Sri Lankan culinary experience with elegant and personalized touches.

Accommodation comes in the form of eco homes, beautifully designed and cosy three Eco homes , namely Misty Heaven, Spring View and Camp House and the amazing and unique “The Rock Cave“.

The Training Center

Not only our resort but also our Training Center is located at one of the most beautiful mountains, facing the Rakwana mountain range to provide our trainees a better touch of the nature. As we are build a comprehensive human capital nationally and internationally, we mainly focus on the environment you learn. It’s important that training takes place in an environment that supports your learning. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated Training Center that lets you feel the harmony of nature that you will need to comfortably and effectively learn with us.

Comfort and enjoyment is key to successful learning. Being stuck in a stuffy room for hours is never conducive to positive learning, which is why we choose our training centers at a highly spacious and open aired place. Simple but fresh. There’s even a workshop area for seminar work should you require it

We have more than 25 highly skilled full time and part time trainers and facilitators working with us and joining online from all around the world. They are all experienced professionals, many of whom are recognised international experts in their individual fields. In that way you will always have a trusted advisor at hand!

Looking to the future, the management is planning to achieve our own academic professionalism in diverse areas in order for our institute to be a leading international renowned university in Sri Lanka.